Professional Services

Helping Lebanese Businesses create opportunities.

In today's tough economic climate, companies are under amplified pressure to deliver more with less. Often, companies do not know who is best able to assist them to identify their specific requirements and to provide them with the most cost-effective solutions. That is where we come in! We can offer you a number of advantages over some of our competitors. Thanks to our wealth of experience in working with organizations across all industries, our professional services team is ideally positioned to work with you, to deliver increased productivity and a true return on your company’s ICT investment. To help you in confronting your IT challenges, our consultancy services focus on advising and helping you and your organization build an effective strategic plan that best meets your individual organization’s requirements. Our technical consultants utilize the latest technology to identify your communication needs, and then develop a strategy to assist your business in achieving and implementing a tailored solution to meet your business requirements.

Today’s Challenges!

Bandwidth: To support critical applications and transfer large files, businesses require low latency and high-speed Internet access

Security: To protect proprietary and high-value information, businesses need secure, private internet access with redundant and diverse routes to their data centers and cloud service locations.

Cost: To cut cost of the telecommunications and internet connectivity as business grows

VISP Enterprise Advantage

Our Professional Services team applies deep experience and knowledge to identify challenges and recommend the best possible corrective actions

Our Professional Services team will carefully review your current infrastructure and evaluate it against both current need and future application roadmap and long term business objectives.

Our Professional Services team eliminate the risk of financial loss by offering a cost-effective solution that meets your budget.


Reduce overall IT & Telecom expenses

Leverage years of advanced training and technical expertise

Stay up-to-date with cutting edge solutions

Align your cost structure to your growth model

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