Service Level Agreement

The Dedicated Internet Access Service at VISP is now backed by a powerful service level agreement (SLA), which stands as a written guarantee to maintain the service required at the highest possible standard.

VISP SLAs are wide-ranging, and are used to manage the services of business customers around certain key parameters with clearly defined objectives.

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Incident management
  • Reliability

For customers who want to assure their Internet service, VISP is offering 2 SLA flavors: Business Class SLA & First Class SLA

  • Business Class SLA: a standard offer, covering base-line assurances.
  • First Class SLA: offered with more stringent objectives for full redundancy and diversity

Customer Benefits

  • 24/7 professional support
  • Committed SLA KPIs.
  • High level commitment.

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