Network Design

VISP is a rapidly growing network and infrastructure consulting company with a strong focus in identifying and managing the network set-up of our clients. Whether you require a single, immediate solution or an ongoing network strategy, we can create a framework that best suits your business needs. 

Experienced across a full portfolio of network and ICT services, VISP strategically works, with you, to determine the most effective network design for how you do business. We can provide everything your business needs from the ground up with the cabling, to virtual network and cloud computing.

From small offices to large organizations with multiple locations, we have the expertise and experience to design a network that meets your business objectives. After understanding your business and technical needs, we begin to design a solution that is efficient and also scalable for future growth. Our network design services include the following:

  • Consultation on the current and future network setup
  • LAN/WAN design & implementation - Our certified engineers have extensive experience configuring, installing and troubleshooting routers, switches, firewalls, and other hardware.
  • Voice, data and FO cabling scheme
  • Design and implementation of MDF/IDF data room, including racks, patch panels, cables, termination units etc.…
Our team of IT specialists is scaled to meet varying business demands and skill levels.

Benefits to Businesses;

  • Provides the unique, value-added benefit of serving as the single point of contact, support, and accountability for all network-related operational issues.
  • Reduces telecommunications costs and save money on IT expenses
  • Maximizes connectivity.
  • Maximizes systems and data access.
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