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VISP is the number 1 company in Lebanon importing this internet solution from Europe and America.
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For Businesses

Wireless Hotspot brings the power of offering the service of public Internet Access to your business customers or guests. Now your valued customers or guests will be able to gain high speed Internet Access from your location and get the information that is important to them from the comfort and convenience of your business.


Wireless Hotspot understands the quality of service and products that only a mom and pop shop can supply. Customer service, familiarity of friendly faces, and the love that is put into making your products are things that large corporate coffeeshop chains will never be able to replicate. May it be your wide selection of fresh premium coffees or teas or maybe it is the specialty sandwiches that you serve, let Wireless Hotspot help provide that large corporate service yet keep the same mom and pop feel that keeps people coming back for more every day.

Our Swifi service brings the same Wireless Internet service that large coffee chains such as Starbucks brings to their customers, but we bring it to the small coffeeshop. We would love to join your community and assist in keeping that same feel you created but with the added services that large corporations are providing.


Wireless Hotspot knows that the competition between hotels is alarming. Don't lose your guests to your competitors because they offer High Speed Internet Access and your hotel currently doesn't. Currently mobile professionals are in the need of being able to access the Internet so that they can receive communications and information from their office or so that they can stay in contact with the most current news. Don't let your guests fuss with the multiple problems associated with using modems to dial out and complain about unaccounted phone bills because they choose a number that they thought was local to dial into. Wireless Hotspot will work with you to find the best solution for your hotel.

Our service allows a hotel to provide a high speed Internet Solution to their customers at a reduced cost alternative to wiring every room with Internet ports. Let the power of High Speed Wireless Internet allow your guests to get Internet access from their rooms, the lobby, or the conferences rooms.