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VISP is the number 1 company in Lebanon importing this internet solution from Europe and America.
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For Individuals

Wireless Hotspot recognizes the needs and advancements of today's forerunners. With this in mind, we present our Swifi service to provide individuals with the freedom that they need while retaining their ability to access the information that is important and necessary to them.

Today's businessman is expected to be mobile, on the go, and able to carry everything he needs with him. With more and more business professionals required to travel, the capability of being able to communicate back with their corporate headquarters is priceless. In addition, today's technology has set an unprecedented capability of allowing a businessman to carry his office with him. Having High Speed Internet access allows these individuals to communicate through email, remotely access their office computer networks, and to access files, stream media, and download data at the high speeds they are accustomed to at home and especially at the office.

Swifi turns our locations into your temporary offices so that you can check e-mail, download the newest powerpoint presentation from work, or to do that last minute research for their potential client. Unlike most other public Internet systems out there, the user provides the equipment, giving them the security of their own programs and files without the worry of leaving important data left to be discovered by others on kiosks that they use.

On the edge of technology and learning, students are able to enjoy some of the newest and best technology available to the public. With more and more campuses going wireless, and many campuses providing their students with online resources such as email, class websites, and even sometimes streaming video of their classes, it is hard pressed to find students who do not need access to the Internet in some way, shape, or form.

Our Swifi service allows students to break away from the computer labs, libraries, and dorm rooms to work in an environment that they are comfortable with, yet still have the capability to access the information necessary for their education.

Today's society has made it common to find households with one or more computers. In addition, having Internet access has become mainstream, but the main concern is the ability to provide Internet access to multiple computers and sometimes providing that Internet access in multiple rooms.

Using Wireless Internet technology, it is now possible to broadcast network signals wirelessly to create home networks with ease that share one Internet connection. Let us help set up your home network to provide you with an Internet solution that works best for you.